9 Simple Ways to get Uber Customer Care Number India in 2020

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Something gone badly wrong with your Uber ride? Want to Contact Uber Customer care? Can’t find Uber Customer Care Number? then read the post till the end.

Recently I had faced a very big issue with Uber Cabs and I researched a lot to find the Uber India Customer Care Number.

During my research, I found 9 simple ways which help you to contact the Uber.

Meanwhile, if you want to know the issue which I faced with Uber then read till the end of the post.

9 Ways to Contact Uber Customer Care in India

  1. HelpLine Number
  2. Live Chat via Uber App
  3. Email
  4. Uber Official 24/7 Helpline
  5. Help.uber.com
  6. Social Media handles
  7. Emergency Response Line
  8. Comment on Playstore
  9. Local Offices

#1. Contact Uber with Indian Help Line Number

If you are a rider or even a uber partnered driver then this Help Line number will help you in contacting the uber India Customer care (Live call).


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With this number, you can contact uber in your local languages like Hindi.

Please make sure that you follow all the steps in the image like entering the options (numbers) as shown.

This number was not officially announced by Uber but they recently added this number as there customer care number. As it was a new number it may connect late or may not work in your city.

#2. Live Chat via Uber App

If you can’t wait till the executive connects in the call or if you fail to call the customer care number then you can try the Live Chat option.

In Uber, the official Live chat option was only available in the Drivers App, but if you are a Rider then follow these steps to enable Live Chat.

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Step 1: Go to 3 dot menu in the Uber app

Step 2: Go to “Help”

Step 3: Go to “Account and Payment options”

Step 4: Go to “I have an unknown charge”

Step 5: Click on “I have an extra trip charge”

Step 6: Scroll down and fill the detail with random information

After completing all these steps within 1 or 2 hours you will get a replay message from the support team. Once they contact you, then you can ask any questions regarding your issue.

Sometimes they may even call you to your registered mobile number from +91 731 480 1000. So, make sure that you have to lift the call.

#3. Contact Uber Customer care via Email

I know contacting via email was a bit slower process but if the above 2 ways won’t work, then this would be the best option for you.

You can mail your query to [email protected]

#4. Uber 24/7 Helpline

If you failed to contact Uber using all the above steps then this may help you.

Uber Customer Care Number had never announced officially by Uber. But after a lot of research, I found 2 Uber Phone numbers which will help you.

6207416304, 6206377598

When you dial to this number the call will be directly redirected to the customer care executive. Make sure to describe your question in detail for fast and perfect solution.

Still can’t contact Uber? continue reading for more ways.

#5. Via Help.uber.com

help.uber.com, Androidraja.com,Uber help number,how to contact uber india

Rather than contacting by uber customer care number (phone call) you can even get help from help.uber.com.

Here you get answers to almost every question related to Riders, Drivers, Uber Eats.

I suggest help.uber.com rather than calling to live customer care because all the answers on the site are answered by people who work at the uber office and they answer them carefully with proper information.

But when you send a message to Uber or even when you call the customer care number then you are going to deal with the person who does a part-time job in call center who may have limited knowledge.

#6. Contact Uber Via Social Media handles

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These days Uber was very much active in social media so you can even try contacting through there social media handles.

In order to contact Uber through Twitter then just tweet at @Uber_support with your query/question.

Tip: Try to get many retweets for your tweet for faster replay.

In order to contact through Facebook then got to @Uber.IND and write a post regarding your question. If you are shy to post your concern publicly then you can just send a private message to Uber.

Note: Make sure that whatever question you write that should be more specific and it’s better to mention the date and time also for faster replay.

#7. Emergency Response Line

If you need any help ASAP, then better contact or CALL 112 (All in one helpline number in India). If not call 108 for ambulance, 100 for police or call 101 for fire.

If there is no emergency you can contact Uber through there Emergency Response Line numbers.

800-353-8237 (800-353-UBER) or (800) 285-6172

These phone numbers will directly connect you to Uber customer care, but mostly they will be from other countries who can only communicate in English. If you are good at English you can try contacting through 800-353-8237 or (800) 285-6172.

If you still reading this post mean that none of the above ways are worked for you right?

Okay stay calm and continue reading, The next step will may help you.

#8. Chat with Uber by commenting on PlayStore

Uber Customer Care Number India,contact uber india,uber india customer care

From the image, you can see that Uber was replaying on most of the reviews on PlayStore

So, even you may get the answer for your query by just witing a review including the question in it.

#9. Contact via Local Offices

As Uber is an international company, so in most of the cities uber have their own offices where you can directly visit those offices during office hours and can clear your queries.

For Uber Local office locations near you click here

My Story with Uber

As I said in the beginning, I will share my story which I recently faced with Uber Cab.

A few days before I had booked an Uber cab to the airport, there I forgot my phone in the cab but by the time I realize, I was in flight. Then I tried to contact Uber Customer care but unfortunately, I can’t find the exact Uber Customer Care number.

Then immediately I tried to contact the cab driver by call and even through messages, after more than 20 minutes he responded and said me to collect the phone at the location where he was at that time.

I contacted one of my friends to collect the mobile from the driver but by the time he reached the location driver had started another trip.

Then I continuously tried to call the driver but he was not responding.

Later I searched for Uber customer care numbers on the Internet, then I found a few numbers, but unfortunately, none of them are working.

Then I opened the Uber App and went to help option in the app and filled the form regarding my issue.

Within 1 hour I got replay from the uber (in the app), I properly explained the issue which happened.

Then I don’t know what happened in backend but after 2 hours cab driver called me and gave my phone back in my location.

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For faster response please try Live Chat option, 24/7 HelpLine or read all the answers provided on help.uber.com.

I hope your concern had solved and happy with my post. If so, please share this with your friends and family members and feel free to comment your opinions in the comment section below. Thank You…!

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