HostArmada Review: Great Value, Especially for THIS reason..!

 HostArmada Review

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​If you are looking for a reliable, secured and most affordable cheap web hosting that makes your sites load super fast, HostArmada is a best choice for you. Here is the unbiased and in-depth review on HostArmada 


Wondering how good HostArmada hosting is?

Is HostArmada worth your money? 

Which HostArmada plan is best for you?

Find out all the details in this in depth HostArmada ​review.

Note: Before writing this review I had hosted one of my website in HostArmada and this review is completely based on my personal experiences 

HostArmada dashboard Screenshot -

By the end of this review, you’ll be clear whether to buy hosting from HostArmada or not

If you are a beginner or don’t understand technical terms you can skip to the Conclusion part or read the above summary

(I will share few discounts in between so make sure read the entire article)

​What is HostArmada?

​HostArmada is an independently funded and privately owned Web Hosting Company ​started in 2019, ​and their aim is to provide fast, reliable and secure Web Hosting Service

​It is also the fastest growing Web Hosting Company with the most innovative and creative approach to Cloud SSD Web Hosting Solutions!

​What are the features of HostArmada Hosting?

​HostArmada offers you a ton of ultimate hosting features at no additional cost. If you’re wondering what they are, here’s the list.

  1. ​Free lifetime domain (Register + Transfer)
  2. Free Unlimited SSL Certificate
  3. Free Website Migration
  4. SSD storage for faster speed
  5. 24/7/365 Customer support
  6. 45 days Money Back Guarantee
  7. 99.99% Uptime
  8. Very low pricing ( starts at $1.2/month)
  9. Free unlimited business email with the auto-responder
  10. Drag and Drop Site builder
  11. Free daily Backups on all plans
  12. Cache plugin - LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager
  13. Top notch security
  14. Access to C panel and SSH
  15. One click installation of WordPress, Joomla and many other apps

​HostArmada Uptime

Uptime actually matters more than anything because if the hosting provider won’t provide the best uptime then your website could come to an abrupt stop.  

As HostArmada was powered by cutting edge Cloud Technology, this makes their services reliable enough to provide 99.99% uptime!

​I had hosted one of my websites in HostArmada’s shared hosting and here is the Uptime ​which I got.

HostArmada Uptime

With zero downtime in last ​7 days is worth a praise

HostArmada Page Speed & LiteSpeed Cache Plugin (Gamechanger)

Do you know 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load and even a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions

That's a HUGE Loss, right?

So, I installed W3 Total cache plugin to increase the page speed and tested the speed of my website using Gtmetrix

Note: The website that I am testing consists of 20 blog posts, 20 high-quality images(average of 120KB each) and 11 active plugins 

Here are the results

GTmetrix speed test before using liteSpeed Cache plugin -

As you can see in the image, it took 1.9 seconds to load the full page with PageSpeed score of 99% and YSlow score of 97%

That’s pretty awesome for shared hosting. 


NO, NO and NO..!

Because HostArmada offers a FREE LiteSpeed Cache Plugin which is a Gamechanger 

Don’t believe me? Check out the speed ​after installing LiteSpeed Cache plugin from the below image

Gtmetrix speed test after using cache plugin of HostArmada

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin had drastically decreased the page speed and it took just only 0.9 seconds to load the full page which was 47.36% less than before

If you don’t trust Gtmetrix, here are a few stats from and Google PageSpeed Insights.

Website speed test of HostArmada -

Here you can see the speed of Average First Visit is 1.6 seconds and Average Second Visit speed was just 829ms (you can even check the data from here)

And here is the result from Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights of HostArmada -

Isn't it fantastic? Yes right..!

HostArmada Shared Hosting Load test

​What is Load Testing?

​In my opinion, it is mandatory to do load testing before choosing any hosting service because load test helps ​you to know how many visitors a website can handle at a time and how servers will respond to the increased traffic

In the above speed test, the website that we tested have almost ZERO traffic so the speed test itself won’t enough, you need to do load test in order to know the response time of a live website (i mean with some traffic) 

​For that, I had done the load test for two times with two different Cache Plugins 

In both cases, I sent 50 virtual users to my website to see how the server would respond to increased traffic and here is what I found

1. With W3 Total Cache Plugin - Free WordPress plugin

Load test without LiteSpeed cache plugin -

The dark blue line indicates the number of requests per seconds, sky blue color indicates response time and the green line indicates the number of active users 

​The average response time of the system being tested was 1,990ms, and 4,049 requests were made at an average request rate of 13 requests/second.

It is clearly visible that HostArmada server had managed to maintain consistency expect a sudden spike but not even one request is failed

2. With LiteSpeed Cache Plugin - HostArmada cache plugin

Load Test after using LiteSpeed Cache plugin -

​When I used LiteSpeed cache plugin the average response time of the system being tested was just 92ms, and 11,047 requests were made at an average request rate of 36 requests/second,

The average response time was just 0.092 seconds which was insane.

We need to appreciate HostArmada because ​not even one request is failed in both the cases and ​most of the ​popular web hosting companies won't provide such speed

​Plugin Used

​Virtual users sent

​HTTP ​Failures


​Avg Response Time

​W3 Total Cache





​LiteSpeed Cache





You can ​also check HostArmada load test data from here

Free Website Migration

If you already have a website and want to change your hosting to HostArmada then don’t worry HostArmada provides free website migrations upto 5 times depending up on the plan


​Free Migrations

  • ​Start Dock
  • ​Web Warp 
  • ​Speed Reaper
  • ​1
  • ​3
  • ​5

Free Backups

It is always a good idea to have a backup of your current website. This can save you from a lot of trouble when you make a mistake and you need to revert to a previous version of your site.

Taking that into consideration HostArmada offers free automatic backups even in their basic shared hosting plan and you can even backup manually whenever ​it requires.

Here is how automatic backup works, in the basic plan (Start Dock), each client has 1 backup done each day for 7 days, which leaves him a total of 7 available backups. 

At the end of the 7-day cycle, the last available backup will be removed and a new, more recent one will be created.

For example, if you host your website with HostArmada on the 1st of July then the first backup will be done on that specific date.

After 7 days you will have available backups from the 1st of July until 7th. 

On the next day - 8th of July, the first backup is done on 1st will be removed and you will have backups from the 2nd of July until 8th and the cycle will repeat and ensure the 7 backups.

Same with other shared hosting plans but the backups will be for 14 and 21 days with Web Wrap and Speed Reaper respectively.

You can find more information about automatic backups from their official site

How to create a Backup Manually in HostArmada

  1. Login to cPanel

  2. Scroll down click on Backup

  3. Click on Download a Full Account Backup

  4. No click on Generate Backup after selecting the backup destination and email address

Once if that done, here is how it looks

Manual backup in HoatArmada -

HostArmada Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with HostArmada service you can get your money back (full amount) within the first 45 days

HostArmada Support & Customer Service

When it comes to hosting, customer support is one of the significant aspects which we need to consider before purchasing a hosting

HostArmada offers 24/7/365 days phone and Live chat support and the average response time is less than a minute

They even provide Ticket and Email support which takes an average response time of 10 minutes and 1 hour respectively.

To test their customer service, I opened two tickets and they responded within 10 minutes and resolved the issue in almost 15 to 20 minutes

Ticket support on HostArmada

I recommend you to go with the live chat option rather ticket or email support because live chat support was very fast (not even a minute)

HostArmada Data Centers (Server Locations)

Data centers of HostArmada

Even Though HostArmada is a newly established company they have 9 data centers around the globe in 4 different continents

  1. Dallas, TX, USA
  2. Newark, NJ, USA
  3. Toronto, ON, Canada
  4. Fremont, CA, USA
  5. London, UK
  6. Mumbai, India
  7. Frankfurt, Germany
  8. Sydney, Australia
  9. Singapore, Singapore

If your targeted audiences are from different parts of the world then HostArmada will ensure the fastest response time to reduce website loading speed and bounce rate

Other Notable Features

Free SSL Certificates

SSL certificate enables encrypted connection on your website and these days websites without SSL are marked as unsafe by Google.

So, SSL Certificate is mandatory for every website and many famous hosting providers like Godaddy charge extra $10 for SSL certificate.

But HostArmada offers unlimited free SSL certificates for all the domains and subdomains that are hosted in their platform.

HostArmada Website Builder

HostArmada offer you a free website builder where you can design your website by just dragging and dropping the elements 

It also provides 288 free pre-designed themes which save your precious time

SSD Storage

Do you want your website to load faster?

Then you must use Solid State Drive (SSD) server which makes your website to load 300% times faster than Hard Disk Drive (HDD) servers 

All of the HostArmada servers in the data centers are running on SSD storage to make sure that your website loads faster

HostArmada Hosting Plans & Pricing

They are running a special promotional sale where ​price of all the plans is reduced by 85% (starts from $1.20/ month)

Almost 95% of the hosting providers will charge less than $3/month (basic plan) only if you purchase their hosting for 2 to 3 years

But that's not the case with HostArmada they charge you just $1.20/month even if you purchase it for 1 year​

HostArmada offers you a wide range of hosting options including

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Managed Cloud SSD Shared Hosting
  • Managed Cloud SSD VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated CPU Server Hosting
  • Open Source Hosting
  • Development Hosting

HostArmada provides a lot of hosting options which means you can host a normal ​blog/website to a high traffic eCommerce website

VPS Hosting plans

​VPS hosting is ​perfect for large websites. e-commerce, Business, and high-traffic websites.

VPS Hosting plans in HostArmada

Dedicated hosting plans

​If you want full control over the server and if your website drives huge traffic then Dedicated hosting is ​best for your site.

Dedicated Hosting plans of HostArmada

Even Though they offer VPS and Dedicated server hosting, I recommend you to go with shared hosting especially if you are a beginner or if your website is new

Shared Hosting Plans

HostArmada offers three shared hosting plans which are listed below


Original ​Price

​Offered Price

​Start Dock



​Web Wrap



​Speed Reaper



  • Start Dock: This is the basic plan which costs only $1.20/month where you can host ​1 website and it runs on NGINX based webserver

 If you have only 1 website or If you just started your blogging career then Start Dock is the best plan for ​you ​

  • Web Wrap: This plan costs $1.94/month​ where you can host unlimited websites and it runs ​​​​on NGINX based webserver

If you want to host an unlimited number of websites then Web Wrap is the best plan for you

  • ​Speed Reaper​: This plan costs $2.69/month where you can host unlimited websites and it runs on LiteSpeed based webserver which ​boosts your website loading speed 

If ​you want to host an unlimited number of websites ​which load super fast then I recommend you to buy a Speed Reaper plan

Shared Hosting Plans of HostArmada

​So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to get started with HostArmada hosting today! (Avail ​85% instant discount Now)​​​​

Pros & Cons of HostArmada

What's good about HostArmada?

  1. Beginner-friendly interface
  2. 24*7*365 Live Chat support
  3. Free Website Migrations
  4. 45 days Money Back Guarantee
  5. Lifetime Free domain (you can register a new domain or transfer existing domain for free)
  6. Cheap Hosting plans
  7. You can host unlimited websites except in Start Dock (basic) plan
  8. Automatic Daily Backups (lifesaver in many situations)
  9. LightSpeed Cache Plugin (​boosts loading speed)
  10. LightSpeed web server (only in Speed Reaper plan)
  11. Free drag and drop website builder
  12. Free unlimited  SSL certificate
  13. Backups are stored in a separate server which helps in accessing backups even if your server is hacked
  14. SSH Access for advanced Developers

What's bad about HostArmada?

  1. High renewal price
  2. Data storage is limited (starting from 15GB) however, this storage is quite large, most likely you never need extra storage
  3. Nothing else I can think of

​Frequently Asked Questions

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Final Thoughts

Even though HostArmada is new to the industry they offer top notch customer support, free backups, free lifetime domain, 9 data centers all over the globe and many other features with just $1.20/month and less than $14.38/year (basic plan)

With this, it is clear that HostArmada’s main aim is to provide high quality hosting service within an affordable price

Mainly if you are a beginner and want to test your website for 1 year then I strongly recommend you to go with HostArmada because they charge only $14.38/year (including domain) even if you purchase it for 1 year

Hope you loved my review on HostArmada hosting. Make sure you share this post because it takes more than 30 hours to test and write such in-depth reviews

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