13 EASY ways to Fix Android Wi-Fi Keeps Dis­con­nect­ing and Recon­nect­ing Issue

Imagine you are doing some work or watching video and it starts buffering because of unstable Wi-Fi connection. Isn’t that annoying?

Believe me, this was a very common issue that many people face and don’t worry here are the 13 easy ways to fix Wi-Fi Keeps Dis­con­nect­ing and Recon­nect­ing issue on your android device

​1. Out of Range

In general a typical home Wi-Fi network range will be between 120 to 300 feet indoors from the router. Make sure that your device is with in the range

If you're still facing the issue try the below troubleshooting methods

2. Forgot the Network

Many times forgetting and reconnecting the Wi-Fi network will solve the issue, here is how you can do it

Step 1: Open Settings

Step 2: Click on Wi-Fi or Network & Internet option

Step 3: If your phone was connected to the Wi-Fi then click on the gear or arrow icon and then select Forget network

Wi-Fi Disconnecting and Reconnecting Screenshot
Wi-Fi Disconnecting and Reconnecting Screenshot
Wi-Fi Disconnecting and Reconnecting Screenshot

Step 4: If your phone was not connected to the Wi-Fi, click on additional settings in Wi-Fi and go to Manage Saved Networks then click on your Wi-Fi name and select Forget network

Wi-Fi Disconnecting and Reconnecting Screenshot
Wi-Fi Disconnecting and Reconnecting Screenshot

Step 5: Now reconnect to your Wi-Fi network using your Wi-Fi password

If this method won't work in fixing Wi-Fi dis­con­nect­ing and recon­nect­ing issue then try the next method

3. Disconnect Other Networks

If you are connected to more then one Wi-Fi network in same range then Android will try to connect to the best Wi-Fi network

In the process of finding best Wi-Fi network android will switch the Wi-Fi between other networks

You can solve this issue by just disconnecting the unwanted Wi-Fi networks

To find the best Wi-Fi network manually, you can take help of apps like Wi-Fi Analyzer

Follow the ​fourth step mentioned above to delete/ disconnect other networks

4. Restart your Phone

I know most of you had already tried this method. If not, tap and hold the power button for 2 seconds and select Restart.

Try to connect the Wi-Fi once again after restarting. Hopefully, Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting issue will be solved. If not try the next method.

5. Turn off Wi-Fi assistant

Many android phones brands like Xiaomi provide an inbuilt Wi-Fi assistant option which helps in switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data when there is a poor Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi Disconnecting and Reconnecting Screenshot
Wi-Fi Disconnecting and Reconnecting Screenshot
Wi-Fi Disconnecting and Reconnecting Screenshot

Turing it off may solve Wi-Fi dropping issue, to do that open settings and search for Wi-Fi assistant or Adaptive Wi-Fi or Auto Network Switch and turn it off

6. Restart the Rooter

Restarting the rooter will solve few connectivity issue. So, it's better to try it once

After restarting, check Wi-Fi keep turning off on your android phone or not. If it still continues try other methods mentioned below

7.Interfering Apps

VPN's or antivirus apps like McAfee may disconnect your Wi-Fi network for security reasons.

Disable or force stop those apps and try to reconnect the Wi-Fi and if it works you need to uninstall and reinstall apps that troubleshooting the Wi-Fi connection

Note: Uninstalling and reinstalling those apps will fix the issue in most of the cases but it was not only solution

But if your Wi-Fi is still disconnecting frequently try next method

8. Reset Network Settings

Resetting the Wi-Fi, mobile data and Bluetooth settings could fix your Wi-Fi disconnecting and reconnecting issue

Resetting the network settings will delete all your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data and VPN configurations and you need to set them from scratch, follow these steps to reset them

Step 1: Open Settings

Step 2: Search for Reset Network or click on Connection & sharing

Wi-Fi Disconnecting and Reconnecting Screenshot
Wi-Fi Disconnecting and Reconnecting Screenshot
Wi-Fi Disconnecting and Reconnecting Screenshot

Step 3: Select 'Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth'

Step 4: Tap on Reset settings and type password/pin if it asks

Note: Resetting network settings will delete all your saved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

9. Unblock from Rooter

If someone blocked your device at the router you can't access the Wi-Fi until it's unblocked. To unblock, you need to login to the routers admin panel

Make sure that you need to know the admin's user ID and password to login to the dashboard. If you don't have, contact the owner of the network

10. Update your Phone

If you ever installed any beta version updates in your android device there may be few bugs which interrupt the Wi-Fi connections

Even if you don't, make sure your device is up to date

11. Update the Router

Sometimes even if your connection was good but router will giving up

Update Wi-Fi router

In case you have hardware issue, not the internet issue, there is a mark of globe on your router.

It will turn yellow or red or sometimes a message of “limited or no connectivity” pops up even when you are connected with the network.

To fix this make sure your Wi-Fi router has the latest firmware. If not update it to the latest firmware. You can check router’s manufacturing sites for more help

12. Wi-Fi Interference

Any devices that transmit or receive a wireless signal is capable of causing interference to Wi-Fi signal

Basically, when any signal crosses with your signal on a similar bandwidth then Wi-Fi Interference will occur

Wi-Fi Interference

source: dignited.com/

When Wi-Fi Interference occurs you will face low signal strength even if you are close to the router

Devices like Microwaves, Refrigerators and Cordless Wi-Fi Phones may cause Wi-Fi Interference. Try to turn off or move away from them while using Wi-Fi.

13. Contact ISP

Hope the above methods had helped you in fixing Wi-Fi disconnecting and reconnecting issue. If not I suggest you to contact your Internet Service Provider for further assistance

You can find their contact number by searching <your ISP company name> space <customer care> on google. For example, "At&T customer care"


Yeah these are the 13 proven ways which help you in fixing internet/ Wi-Fi disconnecting and reconnecting issue in your android device

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