13 Most Powerful Android Apps less than 1MB

Although nowadays most of the phones are coming with a minimum of 4 GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. But some Android users are still using 2GB RAM devices.

Such Android users frequently face insufficient storage error when they try to download the high KB Apps.

So, here is the list of Most Powerful Android Apps less than 1MB size which performs absolutely well not matter wheater your phone is a high-end device or a low-end device.

All the Android Apps less than 1MB which are listed in the post will not only save storage they will also increase the phone battery life. This list is included with many category apps like Games, Music, Browsers and many more.

As we know Google launched many Android Go apps likes Google Go, Youtube Go, Maps Go, etc., and some lite apps like Facebook lite are not discussed in this post because we all are well familiar with those apps.

13 Most Powerful Android Apps less than 1MB

1. Lockwatch – Thief Catcher

Whenever someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong key or wrong code then this app secretly takes a photo of the person using the front camera and sends the photo to the registered email ID with the GPS location.

With a size of just 325KB, Lockwatch app helps a lot when our phone is stolen. So, Lockwatch App is one of the most powerful apps under 1MB size.

If you take a premium membership, this app provides some more powerful features like taking multiple photos – Instead of just one photo and recording sound clip of thief.

2. Shazam Lite – Discover Music

Whenever we attend any party or a musical event we will listen to many songs in which most of the songs are new to us. Unfortunately, we don’t the name of the song as well as the singer and name of the movie.

If you want to download any one of those songs, the Shazam app will help you to find the name of the song.

To identify the music or song just open the Shazam App and play the song, then the app will find the name of the song.

3. Via Browser – Fast & Light

Via Browser is a Lite, Fastest and Customizable browser with just a size of 800KB. If you are looking for a fast browser this will be the recommended app from my side because I personally using this browser for more than a year.

On the other hand, it has many options like Night Mode, Bookmarks the web page, and translate. Via Browser even provides some power features like QR code scanner and ad blocker.

4. J Touch App

J Touch App provides an assistive touch button just like an iPhone. This assistive touch button is used to open the recent app, used to go back, used as lock key, home key and many more.

These actions are performed by swiping and tapping the assistive touch button. J touch is one of the most useful android apps with less than 1MB size because all gestures in the app can be customizable.

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5. InstaDict App

InstaDict App is the best low MB dictionary app that helps to find the meaning of any word quickly.

Copy the word which you want to know the meaning and then just shake your phone horizontally, BOOM!! The meaning of that word will appear on the screen. This app will save time in opening a browser to search for meaning.

So, This app will be the most powerful and useful android app in less than 1MB size.

6. Atomic Bomber

Atomic Bomber is not just an app it is an arcade game with almost 5,000,000+ installs with 4.3 ratings in google play store. Atomic Bomber probably a best low MB game with Almost 800KB size (less than 1mb).

The story of the game is to fly a NATO ground-attack fighter to repel a Soviet invasion. This would be the best low MB game to kill your time.

7. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker♫

MP3 Cutter app is used to cut/trim the specific part of any music or song and can use it as a ringtone, alarm, and notification tone.

We can do this in just 3 steps. First, select a song from mobile or record a live song/music then select the area to be trimmed/cropped and click on save. That’s it now you can use that as a Ringtone.

The size of the app is near to 1MB and it has more than 5 Crore downloads with 4.4/5 ratings. So, the MP3 Cutter app is one of the best Android apps of less than 1mb.

8. PDF Reader- Light Weight

PDF Reader weights around 1.5MB size which is slightly more than 1MB, even though I added this app in this list because of its features. The UI of the app will be minimalistic and it has a user-friendly interface.

It can even open Password Protected PDF files. So, PDF Reader App is the best app under 1MB size.

9. Click to chat for WhatsApp

If we want to chat with anyone in WhatsApp it is mandatory to add those their number to our contacts. But these would be irritating, to overcome this we can generate chat links using many websites like these.

However, it works fine but it will be time taking process. But Click to Chat app helps to chat directly with any random number without adding that number to our contacts. This is the best WhatsApp direct message app.

10. All in One Shopping

Not one or two there are infinite number of online shopping websites, it is impossible to remember every website name and even downloading all those apps in a low-end device is also almost impossible.

All In one shopping app allows us to browse all the shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and many in only one app without downloading all apps individually. This app even provides coupons and notifications on all sales.

It is a 100% ad-free app with a size of just 1mb and it has more 1,000,000 downloads with 4.2/5 rating in playstore. All in One Shopping App is the best Android shopping app with less than 1MB size.

11. Photo Editor Ultimate Free

With a size of just 600KB, the Photo Editor app is the most powerful android app less than 1MB size. This app provides all the basic editing features like cropping, Rotate, Resize, Adjusting the contrast.

It even provides some advance features like paint on the image, image mirroring, combining two images and many more. For less than 1MB this app provides a lot of options so, if you are looking for a photo editing app under 1MB I recommend this app.

12. Apk Extractor

Every month more than 4,400 people search for “how to move apk to sd card“.If you are one of them, then Apk Extractor helps you to move apk to SD card in 2 simple steps.

It can extract all the apps including pre-installed system apps. To move apk to SD card using this app we noo need to root our device. Apk Extractor is very fast and easy to use so, this is the best low MB small size app for android.

13. NES 1200 GAMES IN 1

NES 1200 GAMES IN 1 is a pack of 1200 games in just one app with less than 1MB size. All the 1200 games included in this app most famous retro games like Super Mario, Contra, Ninja, Ice Man and many. This the best low MB game ever but unfortunately this app was not available in Google PlayStore and should download through random apk sites like apk pure.


Even though all the android apps listed in the post are less than 1MB size but they are very powerful and most of us might not be knowing that such apps exist.

So, this is the list of 13 Most Powerful Android Apps less than 1MB (low KB playstore apps) if you think I missed any app please feel free to comment and if you like the post don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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