20 Best Android Apps for Bloggers (FREE) in 2020

Looking for the best android apps for bloggers like you? Here’s my short list of apps I used consistently in 2020 and planning to use even more in the future.

If you are a blogger like me, I know it is not always possible to carry a laptop with you everywhere you go, so here are 20 Best Android apps for Bloggers like you.

Smartphones are not less than laptops due to the compactness and we must take advantage of it and manage our blog more comfortably.

Note: Most of the apps mentioned here were free and few are freemium (Free for limited features)

What Type of Apps Should You use for Blogging?

There are billions of apps in Google Playstore, but we need to use apps that save our time and money.

  • Apps for Writing Blog Posts
  • Apps for Photo Organization
  • Apps to Promote Blogs
  • Apps for Team Management
  • Apps for Site Analyzing
  • Apps to increase Productivity
  • Apps for Scheduling Social Media

List of 20 Best Android Apps for Bloggers in 2020

 Apps for Writing Blog Posts


Developer: Automattic, Inc
Price: Free

More than 35% of the websites were using WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS).

All these websites/blogs can be managed through the WordPress official mobile app.


  • Publish/Edit posts
  • Respond to comments
  • Check real-time Stats
  • Draft any post
  • Schedule the post
  • Add images

Download the WordPress App now.

If you are using blogger as CMS, download Blogger app

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

2. Google Keep

There are a lot of reasons why bloggers need a notes app because we get plenty of ideas daily into our mind, but at the end of the day, we forgot most of them.

Google Keep is one of the best android apps for bloggers because it helps in capturing our thoughts quickly and useful in making a To-Do list.


  • Easy to use
  • Notes can be in the form of text, images, and also as audio
  • Automatically sync with all of your devices (Mobiles and Computers) 
  • Can colour the notes for easy scanability
  • Use “Ok Google” voice commands to “take a note” or “add to to-do list”
  • Completely Free

3. Evernote

Evernote is best to collect large amounts of information and build a searchable archive that you can refer for years.

And it also has advanced organization, note formatting, and multimedia options, and advanced search capabilities powered by tagging, sorting, and optical character recognition (OCR).


  • Evernote can be used in multiple devices 
  • Supports Various platforms like Android, Windows and even Mac
  • It supports drawings, images, and other attachments too.
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Real-time syncing in all devices
  • Easy to share with team members


  • More features in the premium plan
  • It takes more time to sync images (Personal Experience)

4. Grammarly

No matter how good you’re in English, but in the end we are humans, and humans are likely to make mistakes because we are lazy.

The blog post that you write will be seen by the whole world and you need to make sure about the grammar.

And it is so important to proofread your content before publishing.

This can be done using Grammarly, and It won’t just correct your grammar it even gives lots of suggestions to improve your writing skills.

Grammarly is a keyboard app that helps in making your content grammar friendly and this is a must-have a blogging app in your android phone.


  • It has both Freemium and Premium plans
  • Grammarly Keyboard works with every other app (like Whatsapp, Notes)
  • It detects grammar and punctuation mistakes
  • It also has a browser extension for Chrome and Safari (Mac)
  • Real-time corrections
  • We can choose American, British, Australian and Canadian English to get suggestions


  • The free version is very limited
  • Sometimes it gives wrong suggestions 
Source: AskAnthonyJohnson

5. Writer Plus

Writer Plus (Write On the Go)
Writer Plus (Write On the Go)

Writer Plus is a perfect app for writing articles/blogs because it provides tons of features.

UI of the app was very simple and this app has many handy features like night mode, undo, redo, word, and character count.

After writing the article you can just copy and paste it in WordPress/blogger because you can add heading tags, lists, and many other features within the app.

If you want to write articles on your mobile, I strongly recommend you to install this blogging app and make your blogging more easier


  • Free to use
  • We can add Headings like H1, H2, H3
  • Can increase or decrease the font size
  • Can add lists and quotes
  • Less than 1Mb size
  • Supports Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Night mode
  • Undo, Redo, Word and Character Count are available


  • To add H1 heading type # before the heading and add ## for H2 and so on
  • Double tildes(~~) will strike-through, a single asterisk(*) will make text italic, double asterisks(**) will convert to bold, and triple asterisks(***) will make bold and italicize
  • Use ‘+’ or ‘-’ for unordered lists and for ordered lists give numbering

Go through the video for more clarity

Apps for Photo Organization

Being a blogger it’s your responsibility to capture the attention of readers.

Adding attractive images/infographics will not only decrease the bounce rate but it also a good SEO practice.

Read 5 Powerful Reasons To Add Images To Your Blog Posts for detailed information

6. Canva

If you are a blogger or a Digital Marketer you might already know about Canva.com but few may don’t know that there is an android app too.

Canva is one of the best android apps for bloggers who want to create stunning designs, even if you’re not a design expert!

You can create pretty amazing infographics by just dragging and dropping with ease.


  • Tons of ready to use templets
  • User friendly and easy to navigate
  • Easy to organize images into folders
  • Best for beginners
  • Provides Free graphic design course
  • Can create beautiful pdf’s


  • Can’t use Offline
  • Can’t Resize a design once you start (in free version)
  • Not enough pre-made templates for standard sizes like FB posts, twitter photos.
Source: Justin Brown

7. Pixabay

Developer: Pixabay
Price: Free

Every time we don’t have time to create amazing designs

Pixabay app provides more than one million copyright free photos, videos, vector graphics, and illustrations

Literally, it takes more than an hour to create a perfect image for blogs, but Pixabay will make it ease


  • User-friendly interface and fast search
  • Free for commercial use, no attribution required.
  • You can also access through Pixaby.com
  • Directly download and share images in all sizes


  • Not every image is free
  • Few times you may get Login issues (personal experience)

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8. Background Eraser

If you ever thought erasing background of an image was troublesome, then you’re wrong

The Background Eraser app helps to erase background within a few taps

I personally use this app and this was one of the best mobile blogging apps in 2020


  • Minimalistic interface
  • Auto Mode (erase background by one tap)
  • Manual Mode (for accurate results)
  • Zoom while erasing
  • Undo, and Redo was also available


  • Not available for IOS

This application can remove the background of any image in seconds, so what are you waiting for go download it now.

Apps to Promote your blog

Want to increase traffic to your Blog?

None of your posts is ranking on Google SERPs?

Pinterest, Quora, Medium and Blogovin apps will help you in promoting your blog.

Want to know HOW? continue reading..,

9. Pinterest

Developer: Pinterest
Price: Free

You spent a lot of time in writing an amazing blog post. But you don’t get enough traffic because you forget to promote it

Ranking on google was too hard these days, but if you put some efforts on Pinterest, then you’ll get a lot more traffic to your site.

For more detailed information read 9 Actionable Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog


  • Easy to drive traffic
  • Increases social signals to your blog
  • Easy to find blog topics/ideas
  • Infographics will get more shares
  • Comparison images like “Android vs IOS” get more pins
  • Your profile will rank on SERP


  • 81% of Pinterest users are female and if your blog audience were only men it won’t worth investing time on it

Every social media platform will have its own advantages and disadvantages, but you need to try all of them to grow your business/blog.

Source: Anastasia Blogger

10. Quora

Developer: Quora, Inc.
Price: Free

Quora is a Q&A platform where anyone can post questions and anyone can answer it.

But most of the questions were answered by the experts in the community

Quora was used by many professional experts like Barack Obama ( 44th president of the United States), Sundar Pichai (CEO of Alphabet), Neil Patel (Digital Marketer), and many more

You know what? even I’ll use quora, you can follow me at @Vivaramneni Rahul

As per my experience, Quora should be a must-have mobile app for blogging because it helps in many ways and it was free.


  • Useful to build authority
  • Useful to get long term traffic
  • Easy to find blog topics
  • Drive traffic to your blog
  • Get affiliate sales
  • USeful to gain more knowledge
  • Available as App/Website


  • Quora may block you if you add links on every answer (don’t add any hyperlinks at least for first 5 answers)

11. Bloglovin’

Bloglovin is a platform that allows users to read, organize, and discover their favourite blogs on desktop and mobile

Bloglovin is a perfect app for bloggers and SEO experts because it provides a Do-Follow link.

Bloglovin.com has Domain Authority of 90+ and Alexa rank was less than 11,000 so whenever we add a link to our blog we get a high-quality do-follow backlink.


  • It can be used as a free marketing tool
  • Get a High-Quality Do-Follow Backlink
  • Drive traffic to your blog
  • Easy to rank on SERP’s
  • Available as App/Website

Download the Bloglovin app from here

12. Medium

Price: Free+

Medium is a platform where anyone can read, write, and clap(sort of Like) on stories(articles)

Global rank of medium.com was #245 and it drives more than 207.60 millions visitors monthly


  • Drive traffic to your blog
  • Easy to rank on SERP’s
  • Opportunity to build new audience
  • Available as App/Website

If you just started your blogging journey concentrate more on content rather promoting because if your content was good, one day or other you’ll get success


Apps for Team Management

If you have a team of more than 2 members and looking for effective ways to manage your team, take a look at these apps.

All these apps mentioned below will help you in saving time and to work more effectively.

13. Slack

Price: Free

Slack is a platform where professional people use it for official communication with there team

Slack is the most useful team management app, mainly for bloggers like us.

Whenever you outsource any work with freelancers or with your team you can just add them in slack to communicate


  • Free is more than enough for small businesses
  • The team can be organizable by topic and project
  • Conversations are searchable
  • Can communicate using voice call or video call within the app
  • Can be accessed through mobile/desktop
  • Easy to upload/share files

14. Trello

Developer: Trello, Inc.
Price: Free

Whenever you start a new project, it is mandatory to make a roadmap to it

Trello is a Project Management app where you can create boards, checklists, cards, and attachments for each and every project.

I use Trello to plan out my blog content and this is one of the best android apps for bloggers in 2020


  • Free to use
  • UI was simply awesome
  • Invite team members
  • You can create Public/Closed boards depending on your requirement
  • Realtime updates
  • Can access through mobile/desktop

15. Zoom/Hangouts

ZOOM Cloud Meetings
ZOOM Cloud Meetings
Developer: zoom.us
Price: Free

Zoom is useful to conduct an online meeting and webinars

Zoom is free to conduct meeting with less than 100 people and up to 40 minutes for each meeting.

In the free plan, you can do unlimited meetings but each meeting is restricted to 40 minutes

What is the difference between Meeting and Webinar?

In meeting, anyone can share the screen, but whereas in the webinar, only the host can decide who need to share the screen

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Hangouts was free to do video and phone calls, but if you want to store the recordings it charges 6$ per month up to 30GB a month.

In Hangouts, only one can share their screen at a time whereas in Zoom (paid plan) multiple people can share their screen at a time

You can use Hangouts for unlimited minutes for free

Choose anyone app from both of them depending on your requirement

Apps for Site Analyzing

Creating content is not just enough you need to analyze your blog traffic and some other factors like site loading time

16. Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

If you own a blog then Google Analytics is a mandatory blogging app because Google Analytics helps you monitor your blog/website on the go

If you not yet linked your site with Google Analytics, then check this out to link them – How to Add Google Analytics to Your Website


  • Free to use
  • Get Real-Time data
  • You can create custom reports
  • Find out which post drive more traffic
  • Track the traffic
  • Get gender, age, interest, device, and location details of your audience

17. Pingdom

Developer: Pingdom
Price: Free

In 2020 page speed of a website is a major factor for rankings and you must monitor your site’s page speed regularly

Pingdom app will help you in finding the page speed of your blog for free


  • Free to check page speed
  • Helps to check if your servers are up and running or not
  • Notifies instantly whenever there is a downtime (paid plan)


  • Pingdom’s paid plan is not recommended for small/personal blogs

If you don’t want to install this app then Gtmatrix and Google’s page speed insights are best alternatives websites to test the page speed

Apps to increase productivity

Everyone has 24 hours a day, but only a few will get success and the remaining will procrastinate

To reduce the procrastination and increase productivity you must try these apps at least once

18. Focus To Do

Focus To-Do is a time management app and it works on the basis of the Pomodoro Technique.

To write an article or a blog post it takes a lot of time, but meanwhile, most of us will lose focus and start procrastinating. Focus To-Do is the best app for bloggers to stay focused.

How does the Pomodoro Technique work?

  1. Choose a task
  2. Set the timer for 25 minutes and work until timer ends
  3. After 25 minutes take 5 minutes break
  4. When your break is over begin second work interval for another 25 minutes
  5. Continue all the steps and after every 4 Pomodoros take a long break of 25 minutes

By following all these steps, the Focus To-Do app motivates you to stay focused and get things done.


  • You can set a due date for tasks
  • Split the bigger task into small pieces
  • Synchronize data between multiple devices
  • Provides statistics of time spent on work on every day/week/month

19. LastPass

LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
Price: Free+

Bloggers must be updated with new trends, for that we always try new software/websites.

We sign up in many websites but remembering all the passwords was a bit frustrating task

LastPass was a password management tool that stores all your passwords and remembers you when you need it.

Is that amazing? Here’s how it works

  1. Download the app
  2. Create a LastPass account and create a master password
  3. Add website URL with the login details including passwords
  4. Boom you’re all set whenever you open those websites the Lastpass auto-fills the login details


  • Access through Mobile app/browser extension
  • The free plan is more than enough
  • Share login details with your friends

Apps to Manage Social Media Pages

Social Media is a powerful place where you can grow your business tremendously and it can also be used to drive tons of traffic consistently to your blog

But I know managing all the social media accounts was a bit hard, this android app will help you in managing them without even logging in to it.


Developer: IFTTT, Inc
Price: Free

IFTTT- If This Then That is my favourite automation tool and it was one of the most useful blogging apps ever I used

Literally, this app can do anything

Whenever you publish a new post on your WordPress/Blogger site the IFTTT will automatically share the link on your social media accounts

And the best part is, you don’t even need to log in to your social media accounts

But before all these things happen, you need to connect IFTTT with your WordPress and social media accounts which was a one time process


  • Free to use
  • Can access through App/Website
  • Works with Blogger and WordPress
  • Notifies when a new applet is used (for example when it shares the newly published article link in your social media page/account it notifies you)
  • Works with Reddit, Instagram, Facebook page/personal account, Telegram, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and many
  • IFTTT is a huge time-saver with the right usage

If you don’t know how to link IFTTT, then check out the video or read this article.


So, these are my handpicked 20 Best Android apps for bloggers that you can use to blog from your android mobile phone.

I hope you love these blogging apps. If so make sure to share this article with other bloggers

And if you think I missed any app feel free to share us in the comments section

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